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Nordic CRAFT Seminar, Copenhagen DK (Eng. version)

Nordic CRAFT seminar, Copenhagen 3th-5th of March 2020
Kick start your eTwinning Nordic CRAFT project.


03-03-2020 - 15:00 - 05-03-2020 - 15:00

Venue: Danish Learning Festival, Bella Center - Copenhagen, Denmark

Target group: Teachers working with students from 12 - 15 years (approx), any subject.

In this seminar teachers from the Nordic countries have the opportunity to get a hands-on-experience with the Nordic initiative “Nordic CRAFT”. The seminar provides you with a practical introduction, an opportunity to find project partners and to get you ready to work with ICT and innovative problem solving with your class in eTwinning across borders.

The seminar is conducted in conjunction to the Danish Learning Festival. At the Festival you will get acquainted with CRAFT and Danish Championship in digital Skills, meet pupils and teachers who work with CRAFT, attend selected keynotes, and get an introduction to eTwinning.

Output: Together with a teacher from one of the other Nordic countries you will create a Nordic CRAFT project, where your pupils get to collaborate with another class on a real-life problem, utilizing the CRAFT concept.

Nordic CRAFT is an initiative which focuses on computational thinking and digital competencies, aimed at teachers and pupils in primary and lower secondary education in the Nordic countries. The project develops resources, hosts joint Nordic events, and builds a Nordic network, where teachers and pupils work from a CRAFT (Creating Really Advanced Future Thinkers) theme, dealing with collaboration, innovation and problem solving with ICT as accelerator for process and product.

Contact your national Nordic Craft coordinator to get more information.

LinkProgram is available in the Seminar TwinSpace

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